Neurological Resources


Below are some resources I share with many of my clients. I believe that knowledge is power, and that by educating ourselves on why we are doing what we are doing, we can become more motivated in our healing journeys.

The Benefits of Exercise in Parkinson Disease

Does vigorous exercise have a neuroprotective effect in Parkinson disease?

The cyclical lower extremity exercise for Parkinson’s trial (CYCLE)- methodology for a randomized controlled trial

Bay Area Resources

Stanford Community Resources

Marin PD Support Group

Ongoing Community Classes in Marin, CA

Delay the Disease with Lisa Oei * 

*See North Bay in table for details

 Marin Dance Project

Rock Steady Boxing (Novato, CA)

Walking group

We are forming walking groups in the community which will meet at different times and locations across Marin/ Sonoma. Please come join us and contact me if you would like to start a walking group in your area.

Current group:

Corte Madera: Friday at 10:30AM. We meet across from the Macy’s parking on the path near the wetlands.


Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery *

*I am a certified PWR! therapist and truly believe in their movement modalities for treatment and management of Parkinson’s disease. I incorporate much of this work into my sessions with clients and see positive results. My goal is to empower my clients practice to practice PWR! modalities tailored to their specific needs at home safely.